Love is never artificial – Don’t miss this major announcement

Message from Ron Coughlin, CEO of Petco:
November 13, 2018

Since joining Petco as CEO earlier this year, I’ve seen first-hand just how special the bond between people and pets can be.

Here at Petco, pets are unquestionably part of our families. If you’re reading this letter, chances are you agree. My 10-year-old Lab, Yummy, is 75 pounds of pure love and I would do just about anything to keep him healthy, happy and by my side, tail wagging, for as long as possible.

I’m proud to lead a company that’s been putting pets first for more than 50 years. And when you love pets as much as we do, you always want to do more. To be better.

That’s why we’re introducing new standards for nutrition at Petco.

Today, we’re making a commitment to not sell dog and cat food and treats with artificial colors, flavors or preservatives – making us the first and only major retailer of pet food to take a stand against such ingredients. We’ll start removing products that don’t meet our new standards in January 2019, and complete the process by May.

We’re raising the bar and stepping out ahead of the industry. Not because it’s an easy thing to do, but because we believe it’s the right thing to do.

Our goal is better health and wellness for the pets we all love. And setting new standards for nutrition is just the beginning.

Because at the end of the day, we believe if it’s good for pets, it’s good for us.

Learn more at And thank you for joining us on this journey.