Petco coupons for Pad & Nail Treatments

Petco offers also a few dedicated grooming services that are specialized in pad & nail treatments:

Nail Trim
Includes nail trim for healthy, attractive nails.

Nails Plus
Includes a nail trim, hair trim around paw pads and application of Protecta-Pad® treatment to pads and nails.

Protecta-Pad® Application
Includes application of Protecta-Pad® to paws and nails. Protecta-Pad® helps maintain the durability of the pads to reduce cracking and helps strengthen nails to prevent splitting and breaking.

Soft Claws Application – Soft Claws purchase required
Soft Claws protective nail tips are designed to stop unwanted scratching. Plastic tips are glued on to your cat’s nails by Petco’s Professional Pet Stylists.

Soft Claws Single Replacement – Soft Claws purchase required
This service includes replacement application for Soft Claws.

To save more money, you can search this site and find more Petco grooming coupons.

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